Artist. Entrepreneur. Lover of Life.

A note from Beta:

When I was nineteen, someone asked me what my soul’s name was, and without hesitation, I responded “Beta Ever.” I had never before pondered this thought, but I instantly knew the answer, as if I had been introducing myself as such my entire life. Art is like this for me. It is a knowing I came into this world with. An answer to my soul’s questions, and to the questions I haven’t yet known to ask.

The creative process for me goes beyond self expression. It’s a ritual, a birthing, a spiritual experience. It’s the ticket to escape to another world completely- a world that only my eyes have seen, and it is a very powerful and emotional place.

The opportunity to artistically express gives me the most fulfillment in life. It is what makes me truly alive. I practically popped out of the womb with a paintbrush in hand and it has since become one of my limbs. My lifeline time and time again. Because there is an irreplaceable passion in creation, unmet by any other action, person, or vision.

My goal is to continue on my path of art; breaking down barriers in my mind and in the people around me. To be radical in loving myself, and loving others. And since we are all interconnected; to help others find their inner artist, and love the world they create for themselves.

My paintings and I are here. Proud to be.

Join us...

Beta Ever